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Stop Smoking in the Comfort of your own Home

in 90 minutes - using HYPNOSIS

Watch this very short video...

Diane Edwards Easy Effective Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program that Re-Programs your Sub-Conscious Mind to Think, Act and BE a Non-Smoker

Smoking is a sub-conscious habit. People smoke sub-consciously. When you apply cold-turkey, that is, using will-power, you are using the conscious mind to change a sub-conscious behavior. That’s like putting a nail into the wall with a screw-driver!!! Not impossible — just difficult!

So would it not make sense to use a tool of the sub-conscious mind to change a sub-conscious habit?

Diane Edwards cutting-off-cigarette--300x222 Stop Smoking Online

Hypnosis is that tool!

"These unique Stop Smoking Audios are the quickest, most effective and permanent method to help you become a NON-Smoker easily and naturally, based on proven psychological principles."
Diane Edwards placeholder-5 Stop Smoking Online
Diane Edwards
Master Hypnotherapist since 1989

Just imagine:

*   NO more coughing
*   NO more guilt
*   NO more hiding or masking the smell
*   NEVER craving another cigarette
*   Feeling Better
*   Living Longer
*   AND… saving money

Using my Program:

Your transformation is both easy and enjoyable.
You first read my ebook which will explain everything to you.
And this ebook is different to all others.
In this book you will gain powerful new ‘tools’ to handle even the toughest cravings, such as….
* how to break the early-morning cigarette habit
* how to continue taking breaks, not even wanting a cigarette
* how to drive without even the need of a cigarette
* what to do after a meal
* handle stress in a calm and relaxed manner
and so much more………………
* and…MOST IMPORTANT, we will talk before you take the program

This unique program prepares you for a wonderful, gentle, safe, pleasurable hypnosis experience that turns you into a non smoker immediately.
If you follow all the suggestions I give you, YOU WILL NOT SMOKE!

This Program is downloadable ....
that means you have access to it immediately!

Diane Edwards sm-testimonial2 Stop Smoking Online
Diane Edwards sm-testimonial Stop Smoking Online

Why is this Stop Smoking Program so different to all others --- Here is the answer:

Most programs offer just one type of recording — usually the one that only addresses the sub-conscious mind. I agree that most of our old negative programs do come from this part of the mind but we also do behaviors consciously, and therefore it is imperative that we also address the conscious mind and all parts in between.

Imagine having a foolproof program that includes all the parts!

This program offers 4 very powerful Hypnotic Audios all designed for different  purposes. (+ Bonus Audio)

As we smoke both consciously and sub-consciously we need different ways to re-program the mind — conscious and sub-conscious.

Other Hypnotic programs only address the sub-conscious mind!

This program offers 4 very powerful
Hypnotic Audios all designed for
different purposes. (+ Bonus Audio)

Diane Edwards steps-to-success2-296x300 Stop Smoking Online

 without Worry, Cravings or Stress!

Here's what you do! It couldn't be easier!

Read the Manual:

This manual is the core of the program. It will teach you everything you need to know and give you all the tools you need to Stop Smoking right away. 

Diane Edwards Smoking-Package-Diane-Edwards-1-222x300 Stop Smoking Online

Listen to the PRE-Quit Smoking Audio:

Create YOUR Quit Day and then this unique audio will pre­pare you to become a Happy Healthy NON-Smoker. You start lis­ten­ing from when you receive your pack­age and only up to your Quit Day.   Must be used only when relax­ing or going to bed.

Diane Edwards PRE-Stop-Smoking-Template-1-234x300 Stop Smoking Online

On your QUIT DAY listen to the Relaxation Audio

Once you have read the manual, and listened to the PRE-Quit Audio, this Powerful RELAXATION Audio will automatically re-program your sub-conscious mind to think and act like a happy NON-Smoker. Your mind will be open to all new and positive suggestions and you won’t believe how good you’ll feel. The process of reading the Manual and listening to the audios helps keep you happy and smoke-free, with NO effort, NO struggle and NO weight gain.

Diane Edwards Stop-Smoking-Relaxation-234x300 Stop Smoking Online

Extra Bonus: Listen to the audio's below anytime you wish for on-going support and re-enforcement:

Remember... all Audios are Downloads... ready for Immediate Use


This unique audio powerfully addresses the conscious mind and can be used anywhere at any time — in the car, while working etc. This Audio bombards the mind with positive affirmations.

Diane Edwards Stop-Smoking-Affirmation-234x300 Stop Smoking Online


This particular audio is designed to be listened to anywhere, at any time, even while on the computer  Messages are under the sounds of the ocean,
so no one will ever know what you are listening to.

Diane Edwards Stop-Smoking-Subliminal-2 Stop Smoking Online


Create a DO-IT-NOW attitude! This is your opportunity to approach all situations in your life (not only smoking) with a new-found enthusiasm. You will accomplish more and feel great!

Diane Edwards Stop-Procrastination-234x300 Stop Smoking Online

Allow your Conscious AND Subconscious Mind work together to become a Happy and Healthy NON-Smoker today!

Diane Edwards 60-day-Guarantee3 Stop Smoking Online

The Cost of the Entire Quit Smoking Program, that is... the 4 Hypnotic Audios, the e-Book, plus Step-by-Step Directions and the FREE additional bonus audio

only $97 total

that also includes 40 minute Personal Phone Session  so we can discuss your personal situation.

Get immediate access

and be Smoke-Free in just 90 Minutes!

Diane Edwards TV Stop Smoking Online

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