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“Diane is Very Proud of No Negative Reviews”

Some of the People Who Have Successfully Made Changes Thanks to Diane

 Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews   I came to see Diane to become a non-smoker. I had been smoking most of my life and was real sick of it! I did most everything in my life healthy and it made no sense for me smoke but could not do this on my own. It’s now been 3 months as a non-smoker and I feel so good and am so happy. Diane gave me the tools I needed to break this terrible habit and I listen to my self hypnosis CD created just for me often. Also the affirmations are big help and I listen to them while driving. I highly recommend Diane to help you with any bad habit. Thank you Diane for helping me, it’s the best gift to myself!

B.G. San Diego


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews   “I never had a coach before and never even knew what a coach did. But I heard about Diane from a friend of mine and decided to give it a try. It’s probably been the absolute best thing I have ever done and the best money ever spent. Diane helped me understand why I  had been struggling so much and, combined with the audios that she personally made for me, my life has turned around.  I Love Diane Edwards.”
Belinda W. Tampa, FL


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews   “I’ve suffered from insomnia for over 25 years – waking up in the middle of the night for hours nearly every single night. I’ve always believed in hypnosis but never actually made an appointment. After reading a number of reviews, two weeks ago I had a session with Diane. For the first few nights I used a recording of our session before going to bed. Without exception, I’ve slept for at least 7 hours since first visiting Diane. She’s very warm, professional and gifted – I would highly recommend her!!

Larry S.
 San Diego


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews   “Love Diane Edwards. She saved my life! I quit smoking 5 weeks ago and have had 2 cravings that passed by too quickly to think about…. It’s incredible how free I feel from not smoking!!! Thank you Diane!! Thank you!!

C.P. San Diego


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews   “I don’t think I could write anything that would truly explain what my time with Diane has done for my life. I have now been seeing her on and off for almost ten years, and without our sessions I would not be the person that I am today. I have gone from an extremely troubled teenager to a healthy, happy mother. I am now able to deal with the normal ups and downs and Diane has taught me to look at other people’s perspectives in day to day life. I choose to stay a patient of Diane’s for years to come because I can truly see how much it betters all aspects of my mind and body. You will feel the changes happening inside of you almost immediately during and after the session, as long as you are open to put in the work as well.”

Katie P. San Diego, Ca


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews   “I went to Diane for weight loss purposes . So far I can totally tell I have a different mind set with regards to food. The experience itself was something I will never forget . Diane made my first experience not only a success but she was such a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend her. Thank you Diane !”
A Forever Fan!


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews   “Dear Diane.  Wanted to thank you so much for changing my life and that of my family’s.  Phantom pain from the loss of a limb is nothing short of torture.  I struggled with it for over 5 years.  The pain would come every couple of months but the agony would continue usually for 48 hours without reprieve.  Pain medications, even morphine, did nothing.  I thank my wife for thinking of coming to you.  We met with you in March. It is now August and I have not had one single moment of pain.  I continue to listen to my cd but am doing it less and less.  So thank you so much – I thank you every single day.  We are trying to get the word out to the military.  I know hypnosis would help our poor soldiers wounded while protecting our country.  I will keep in touch with you – and I know each message will be as positive as this.  God bless you.”  

Ron and Sharon Callahan, San Marcos, CA.


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews  “I find I am not thinking about sugar at all. I had a bite of dessert yesterday without even thinking about it and when it was gone, I never thought about it again. I’m very excited! Also, I felt downright blissed out all evening after our session. NICE!”  

S.H. San Diego


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews   “Hi Diane, I just know you hear this a lot, but I feel so incredibly good since seeing you and I can barely wait to see you again. I know this is terrible, but I keep waiting for this feeling to go away but it doesn’t. I don’t ever want it to end. I feel like I’ve been locked inside such a dark, depressing, negative place my entire life and now I’m finally free. There are just no words to describe it. Thank you Diane….you have such an amazing gift!!!”

Mary S. San Diego


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews    “I consulted with Diane Edwards to help control my anxiety with Nursing School. She recorded our session and I’ve used the recording when I feel I cannot control my anxiety; particularly before tests. I passed nursing school with ease and I passed my NCLEX-RN. I highly suggest The San Diego Hypnosis Clinic to help with test anxiety. Thank you Diane!

Marnelie P


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews   “I am 63 years old and have been wrestling with obesity since my late 20’s and severe pain with facial and dental treatment all my life.  I can state categorically that Diane Edwards has been the solution to both issues.  Following an extensive interview where the issues were explored and analyzed, a hypnotherapy protocol was laid out in terms I fully understood and enthusiastically accepted.  I have tried hypnosis before two times without ANY success. From the first session, I felt the immediate changes in me to reach my goals regarding my obesity and pain.  I am happy to the max.  Diane is a professional, ethical, insightful, experienced, compassionate and very caring person and hypnotherapist.  I am sure the reader of this review knows that I absolutely endorse Diane and encourage anyone to call her to schedule their initial appointment.  Incidentally, that initial appointment, among many things, will serve to determine if hypnotherapy is for you.  There is no doubt that Diane will let you know if hypnotherapy is for you (or not).

Finally, thank you, Diane, for the positive changes I have seen from the first time you accepted me as your client.  My spouse and I want you to know that we are thrilled with the results.  Indeed, you told me you were a results oriented therapist, and you are right on the mark!”

Carla R. San Diego, CA


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews   “5 stars….all the way. 100%. This is a somewhat lengthy review, but well worth it:

Okay….first let me start by saying Hypnosis is the real deal. Your thoughts absolutely create your reality…but here’s the “secret”…most of us have deep, inner, core beliefs buried in our sub-conscious that we aren’t always aware we have – these core beliefs are what ‘guides us in our daily life, and affects most all of our decision making, whether we realize it or not.

And here’s where Diane comes in. She is a professional in the field of Hypnotherapy, and uses her knowledge, personality, compassion, and skill to help you achieve whatever area it is in your life that you wish to improve. Most all of us have some sort of limiting belief, and she is incredibly skilled at (gently) discovering what that is, where it stems from, and then guides these ‘blocks’ out of your sub-conscious so that you can begin to create the reality you wish.

If you approach this with an open mind, you will see results – no question about it. If you don’t think it will work or have doubts – then you will not see any changes. It’s exactly like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right”.

So what did I come to see Diane for? ACNE. As someone who has had acne from my teenage years through my adult life, I have tried EVERYTHING to achieve clear skin…you name it, I’ve tried it…to no avail. Diane helped show me that I had an underlying self-sabotaging belief of shame, anger, and fear of rejection from several traumatic childhood experiences. While I thought I had dealt with these instances in a healthy manner, I really just suppressed them and buried them deep in my mind – the underlying core belief of ‘shame’ and ‘fear of rejection’ was manifesting itself outwardly in the form of acne, because deep down I didn’t feel ‘worthy’ of having clear skin (sounds crazy, but you don’t know what you don’t know). The acne was my mind/body’s way of showing me this evidence. After several sessions with Diane and a few weeks time, my acne was gone….no joke. It didn’t happen overnight, and I had to buy into the belief – but sure enough after about a months time…GONE. All this time I had been carrying around these unconscious self-sabotaging beliefs, and she helped me uncover them, face them, deal with them, and remove them for good.

I can’t thank her enough for what she has helped me with – not just the acne – but many other aspects of myself such as acceptance, appreciation, and gratitude. If you are seeking to “fix” something in your life that you can’t seem to tackle on your own, Ms. Edwards is someone who will help you through this. I give my highest recommendation! But don’t take my word for it….find out for yourself.”

P.C. Williams  San Diego, CA

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     “Hi Diane, 
I would like to leave you a review on your site.  I have not had a drink since our session and since you were kind enough to make a recording I continue to listen regularly. 
Drinking was the main issue, once that was resolved, many more changes began to take place. I have a feeling of optimism that I have never experienced before and am making radical changes. I feel calm most of the time. I’m able to tackle problems with solutions taking it one step at a time.
I’m eating in an extremely mindful way. I cleaned out my home. I plan to volunteer at the wolf sanctuary. Really the change was immediate and dramatic.  I’ve recommended you to my friend and she is excited to meet with you.
I really can’t thank you enough. Just one session and I feel I’m on my way to a much better life. It’s good to know you are there should I have difficulties In the future or want to delve deeper, but I want to share this process with others who are suffering.
Of course, you can give my phone number! I am blown away by the change in my life after one session. 
I feel I owe you my life!

Sheila W. Temecula, CA


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews    “Dear Diane, Since I was in your class on Saturday, my life has quickly changed for the positive. Self-Hypnosis is such a powerful tool.  The significance of words was especially impressive.  I started my Ukelele lessons on Saturday and before the class I thought, I am too old for this, I can’t do it etc etc.  I changed all the words I said about it and had the best time. Your personal anecdotes make us so comfortable because you are/or have been in the ‘same” boat as we are in. Thanks you so very much for teaching us:
• What Hypnosis really is, • How it really works and  Demonstrating how to use it. (yes I wrote some things down in the Magic Book)  And giving us the confidence to do it for ourselves.
This was a very satisfying learning experience.  Our lives were all touched I am sure.  I even met a new friend there and I think we will get to know each other even more.  Thanks for your wonderful lessons and insights. You are a Class Lady!” 

J. McK   San Diego, CA.


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews    “Diane Edwards goes far beyond the areas that other therapists I have been counseled by, at different times in my life, who were either afraid to venture down the correct path or were unaware that the path existed. She does this with grace, compassion, respect and astounding insightfulness. Talking about a problem is one thing; resolving it is quite another. Diane Edwards has her focus with her patients laser-beamed on resolution.”   

Len Merson Founder, C.E.O. Chaos Over, Inc.


  Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews  What you shared I found remarkable and I learned so much that I had never realized before. I loved the way you pointed out all the ways I sabotage myself and with the tools you have given us I’m really feeling positive about the changes I know I need and want to make.

A.A. San Diego


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews  Diane has been an amazing anchor in my life.   She seems to hold the bar for me with her positive thoughts and energy and has always believed that I’ll move forward.  With so much negative news and new things to fear and worry about, it’s more important than ever before to focus on the positive.  I meet with Diane to reaffirm a positive outlook and draw from her the confidence to continue moving forward. I cannot put a price on her invaluable services and the economic benefits I have directly received in both my business and personal life as a result of her coaching….but if I had to it would exceed $1000 per hour.”

Brad   —- Real Estate Mortgage and Property  Broker


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     “Diane is an exceptional individual. You immediately feel comfortable in her hands. She is very knowledgeable on the underlying issues of over-eating and uses that knowledge and hypnosis to help you achieve your weight loss goals. I can recommend her without reservation.”  

Robert L. San Diego, CA


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     “Diane: In just a couple of months, my Hypnosis sessions with you have helped me break through deep emotional issues and made me feel more relaxed, less stressed and full of energy. I’ve been amazed at how “great” I’ve felt after the sessions. You have a way of cutting through all the confusion and pain to focus and fix the real issue at hand. I am grateful to you for helping me realize that I am capable of so much more in my life. You are the Best!” 

D.S.  San Diego, CA


 Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews    “Diane, Thank you so much for all your help and support! I’m truly amazed on how I was able to change my life with your help. My new healthy eating habits, weight loss along with quitting alcohol have unlocked a whole new world for me mentally and physically. Thanks again!” 

Tom H. San Diego, CA


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews   Hi Diane..Just a quick note to let you know that I definitely see a shift after our meeting on Monday. I have been very conscious of what I am “telling myself” and have been “canceling” any negative thoughts. I “feel” lighter already and am excited about this shift. Thank you for working your magic on me, Diane…and I will keep you posted!  C. P. Carlsbad, CA



Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews    Christina P.  San Diego, CA  “Love Diane Edwards. She saved my life! I quit smoking 5 weeks ago and have had 2 cravings that passed by too quickly to think about…. It’s incredible how free I feel from not smoking!!! Thank you Diane!! Thank you!!”


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     Frank Darling, San Diego, CA: “This has opened up so many new ideas for me in a very easy to understand presentation. I have learned and understood more from Diane than from all other programs, so I know this will work. I already feel like a non-smoker and that feels great!”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     Debbie Roskos, Valley Center, CA Psychiatric Nurse: “I had tried everything to quit smoking. Even when I was able to ‘quit’ it was short-lived because each moment was a struggle not to smoke. I was a ‘smoker’ trying not to smoke. I couldn’t imagine not having cigarettes as part of my life. In desperation, and with doubts, I attended a group Hypnotherapy session led by Diane Edwards. I haven’t smoked since; moreover I haven’t struggled not to smoke. I have become a non-smoker and 18 months later I remain confident that I will never smoke again. Thanks so much Diane.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     Jeff Ross, Encino, CA: “Diane’s combination of both conscious and sub-conscious suggestions is the most powerful I have ever experienced. I feel armed and ready to handle even the toughest cravings, and for the first time I really believe that I have control over this 26 year habit. I can’t thank you enough, Diane.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     Sid Karkoff, San Diego, CA: “Of all the attempts I had done to become a non-smoker, Ms. Edwards combination of education and Hypnosis seemed to work.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     Gwen Jay, San Diego, CA: “It’s a great feeling to know that with a little effort I will be clear of a lot of things, not just cigarettes. Thank you very much Diane.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     Seamus Kerrin, Los Angeles, CA: “I feel very highly motivated to succeed and ready for a new life, experiencing the many things I’ve missed through my addiction to tobacco. Thank you so much.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     Lori Brun, San Diego, CA: “This class has been invaluable in helping me keep my goal of being a non-smoker.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     Robin Huffman, Los Angeles, CA: “I really liked the open discussion before the Hypnosis – it was a chance to know about the causes and reasons why we smoke. Thank you for helping me do something very good for myself.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     Noel Novack, Spring Valley, CA: “This session was very beneficial and I know it will reduce stress and increase my motivation to make changes in a number of areas, not only to stop smoking.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     Jane Killen, El Centro, CA: “Wow, this was great. You have helped me to think like a non-smoker, act like a non-smoker and feel like a non-smoker, for the first time in 25 years. I can’t thank you enough.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     Kelly H., San Diego, CA: “Hello Diane, I am still a non-smoker over 4 months after your class, and it was easy. Thanks so much!.”


              Weight Loss

Some of the People Who Have Successfully Lost Weight Thanks to Diane


Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     S.G., Coronado: “I had profound changes in my life from the very first session with Diane. For the first time I took food home from a restaurant! I am finally in control of my eating and I feel great!”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     P.J., San Diego: “It seems so good not to think diet all the time. The pounds melted away with no conscious effort. It is so exciting — a new way of thinking and acting with absolutely no struggle. Thank you, Diane.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     S.M., San Diego: “For me the obsession to eat left almost immediately. When I was nervous the first thing I wanted to do was eat. Now that has changed automatically and it’s getting easier every day.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     D.K. San Diego, CA: “I had researched many Hypnotherapist’s but when I met Diane Edwards I just knew she was the one. From the beginning I felt so comfortable. Even talking to her was comforting and reassuring and the sessions that followed exceeded all my expectations. Diane is caring, very effective and I’m thrilled with the results. The weight came off without any struggle or feelings of deprivation and I have been able to maintain my weight so easily. I can’t even begin to thank Diane enough.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     S.K. San Francisco, CA: “The combination of Hypnosis and Diane’s understanding of weight issues have helped me lose 40lbs, with no effort or struggle. After years of so much struggling I never believed it could be so easy. I just wish I had known about Diane years ago.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     M.M. Los Angeles, CA: “After having my last child I seemed to have a major problem losing weight. I tried every diet, could lose the weight, but would only put it back on again. I was totally frustrated and had almost given up when a friend told me about Diane Edwards. After only a few visits to Diane I was able to take back control of my eating, had a much better understanding of why I was sabotaging myself and was finally able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Diane seems to have tremendous insight and I have referred her to so many people who all say the same thing — she’s the best!”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     B.S. San Diego, CA: “When I went to see Diane Edwards I was desperate. I was on a yo-yo train and couldn’t seem to get off. My weight was going up and up, totally out of control. Going to see Diane was a last resort for me, as I didn’t even believe in Hypnosis so, needless to say I was very skeptical. Seeing Diane was the best thing I ever did as she helped me understand that I was totally sabotaging myself. She also helped me understand why. In years of conventional therapy no one had ever identified the connections that Diane pointed out. She truly is an amazing lady, with tremendous insights, and I recommend her to everyone I know. Thanks to Diane I no longer have a weight problem!”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     C. G. San Diego: “I am doing GREAT with your “lose weight” hypnosis program. I was even out of town for 5 days and a little nervous that I would fall back into my old yucky eating habits. But I was impeccable with ALL of my choices, and most miraculously, it was not hard to do. I did panic a little when the batteries on my cassette player went out one night. I thought for sure I’d be pigging out the next day since it had only been a few days since the class and I wasn’t able to listen to all of my tapes. But I did just fine and was quite relieved, and got new batteries by the end of the day so I could get back on track immediately. Diane, thank you SO much for the wonderful work you do!! Wish I would’ve gone to your classes years ago, had I known. I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions and look forward to always being in touch with you.”

Diane Edwards 5-stars-copy Reviews     C. P. Carlsbad, CA: “Just a quick note to let you know that I definitely see a shift after our meeting on Monday. I have been very conscious of what I am “telling myself” and have been “canceling” any negative thoughts. I “feel” lighter already and am excited about this shift. Thank you for working your magic on me, Diane…and I will keep you posted!”



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