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Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Finally get off the Diet Merry-Go-Round
with Weight Loss Hypnosis!

Diane Edwards Lap-Band-Lady-no-b-g Weight Loss

How many diets have you gone on?  Honestly?

Before you start another diet that’s doomed to fail, why not try Hypnosis?

With the help of the Innovative Hypnotic Techniques, you’ll learn WHY you’ve been sabotaging yourself and what’s been getting in your way.

You will then be able to reprogram your subconscious mind to allow you to think, act, eat, live, and eventually be a slender person.

You’ll discover how to change your relationship with food and gain control of your compulsive eating habits once and for all!

You’ll come to understand the difference between emotional and physical hunger, learn how to recognize and release the underlying causes of your overeating, and finally take charge of your life!

Changes You Can Expect with Hypnosis

• Eliminate addictive foods
• Change destructive eating habits
• Control PMS eating binges
• Stop self-sabotage
• Increase motivation to exercise
• Stop sabotaging yourself
• Increase your confidence
• Eliminate procrastination
……and more!

Food is not the Enemy

Statistics show that out of every 200 people who go on a diet only 10 achieve their goal weight. And out of those 10 only one keeps the weight off for any reasonable length of time. The failure rate of diets is 99.95%!

Not only do diets not work, they are actually designed to fail. It’s not you or your lack of will-power. Diets simply don’t work!

What dieting can never do is bring to light the reasons why people put more food into their bodies than is needed. Whatever causes people to overeat needs to be brought to the surface, examined and dealt with, otherwise the weight will keep coming back, no matter how many diets a person goes on.

Think about this: You would never put fuel in your car when it didn’t need it, so why put food in your body when it doesn’t need it?

Don’t go on another Diet ever again! Use Hypnosis to help you achieve the ideal size and ideal weight for YOU!

“I have a new mindset...

“I used Hypnosis for weight loss purposes. So far I can totally tell I have a different mind set with regards to food. The experience itself was something I will never forget. My first experience not only a success but my Hypnotherapist was such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Hypnosis… because it works!”
A Forever Fan!

“I'm very excited...

“I find I’m not thinking about sugar at all, and that is SO different. I had a bite of dessert yesterday without even thinking about it and when it was gone, I never thought about it again. I’m very excited! Also, I felt downright blissed out all evening after our session. NICE!”  S.H. San Diego

“I feel lighter already...

“ Just a quick note to let you know that I definitely see a shift after our meeting on Monday. I have been very conscious of what I am “telling myself” and have been “canceling” any negative thoughts. I “feel” lighter already and am excited about this shift. Thank you for working your magic on me… and I will keep you posted!    C. P. Carlsbad, CA

If going on another diet is not the answer... what is?

Slender people don’t see food as a struggle or control issue. They don’t see it as the psychological center of their lives! They don’t ask themselves what they should eat. They ask themselves what they want to eat. Ask a group of slender people why they eat and they will give you a strange look. They eat because they’re hungry.

But ask a group of overweight people why they eat and they can give you dozens of reasons… none of them having anything to do with food! They eat because they’re angry, bored, lonely, depressed, stressed, upset, disappointed, or any of a myriad of reasons.

Most people use food to satisfy all kinds of hunger — emotional, intellectual, even sexual hunger. We feel the craving and assume it’s for food. The problem is that those hungers never get satisfied by food. We confuse our emotional and physical appetite.

The sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

Going on another diet is not the answer. What is? 

What if there is a different way, a better way, to change your entire relationship with food and weight, liberating you from the deprivation and restriction of diets once and for all. A way that could put you solidly back in control of your eating habits permanently and effortlessly! Sound too good to be true? Hypnosis is the KEY!

Diane Edwards Divider-1-300x44 Weight Loss

How the Mind Works

Diane Edwards head-copy Weight Loss

Over the years overeating has become a habit. All habits are controlled in the sub-conscious mind. When you try to use willpower or discipline to eating you are using a tool of the conscious mind. You are literally using the wrong tool for the job. It’s not going to work!

Doesn’t it make sense that if we want to change something that exists in the sub-conscious mind we would need a tool or method to get access to where all this overeating behavior is coming from? Sounds simple — well actually it is! Simple, Effective and Natural .

Diane Edwards offers a powerful and effective weight-loss program to help you take back control of negative eating behaviors, so you can reach and maintain your ideal weight permanently — with no drugs, shots, pre-packaged foods, or liquid protein diets.

You are unique and your reasons for being overweight are unique. You will be amazed what it feels like when you have a true understanding of WHY you have been sabotaging yourself so you can finally get back control of your life. No more inner battles and struggles. Just being naturally and automatically satisfied with far less food and cravings will be a thing of the past. You will experience more peace, joy and contentment as you end weight as a problem in your life — forever.

If you have any questions about Hypnosis, a complimentary consultation is the place to start.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact Diane. She will answer all your questions to make sure this is the right way for you to go.

Why work with Diane Edwards?

✓ Voted San Diego’s #1 Weight Loss Specialist

✓ Diane has strong academic training and is well-known in her fields

✓ Online Therapy so you don’t have to leave your home

✓ Session rates are by appointment, not by the hour, to ensure you get the most out of each appointment

✓ FREE no-obligation, no-pressure initial consultation allows you to discover if Hypnosis is right for you

✓ Innovative and original techniques based on over 30 years of experience 

✓ Customized sessions to fit each individual needs

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